Sunday, June 01, 2008

A Brief History of Meme

Weezer are known for their inventive videos, from Buddy Holly (which was included as part of Windows '95 to show off its multimedia capabilities) to Islands in the Sun.

The video to Pork and Beans the single from their soon to be released Red Album contains a potted history of some of the more pervasive internet memes. If you're having trouble finding them all Fox Australia has a nice little cheat sheet.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Doomed to repeat its mistakes

Never one to pass off the excuse to post without writing anything substantial, I give you the history meme:

history|awk '{a[$2]++} END{for(i in a){printf "%5d\t%s\n ",a[i],i}}'|sort -rn|head

105 p4
51 cd
39 ls
30 perl
30 lastfmfpclient.exe
29 for
28 grep
10 export
9 wget
9 python

Skins in its present form had its final episode last night. True to form it was a rather stylised presentation of an A-level results day with some smashing music and a hard hitting performance from Larissa Wilson. Next year's series will feature a while new cast of rowdy teenagers with Sid and Cassie popping in occasionally. I'm not sure how it'll work as, for me, it was the characters that made the show, but I'm prepared to give it a chance.

Now playing: Malvina Reynolds - Little Boxes

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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Home, home on the range

My Mini City allows you to create a little hamlet which will grow as people visit it. Please click through and make my empire grow.

Update: Now we have an unemployment problem. Please open a factory by clicking here.

Update 2: The transport network is creaking. Please donate some roads.

Happy 2008 to you all.

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Tuesday, September 28, 2004


In lieu of any imagination I present a list of things I have done. Taken from a longer list of two hundred:

3. Climbed a mountain
7. Taken a candlelit bath with someone
8. Said ‘I love you’ and meant it
10. Done a striptease
12. Visited Paris
14. Stayed up all night long, and watch the sun rise
16. Gone to a huge sports game
19. Touched an iceberg
20. Slept under the stars
23. Watched a meteor shower
24. Gotten drunk on champagne
26. Looked up at the night sky through a telescope
27. Had an uncontrollable giggling fit at the worst possible moment
29. Bet on a winning horse
30. Taken a sick day when you’re not ill
32. Had a snowball fight
36. Enacted a favourite fantasy
39. Had a meaningful conversation with a beggar
41. Ridden a roller coaster
44. Danced like a fool and not cared who was looking
47. Actually felt happy about your life, even for just a moment
51. Taken care of someone who was rather drunk
53. Had amazing friends
54. Danced with a stranger in a foreign country
56. Stolen a sign
63. Visited Ireland
64. Been heartbroken longer then you were actually in love
65. In a restaurant, sat at a stranger’s table and had a meal with them
69. Alphabetised your records
70. Pretended to be a superhero
72. Lounged around in bed all day
80. Done something you should regret, but don’t regret it
82. Discovered that someone who’s not supposed to have known about your blog has discovered your blog
87. Taken a martial arts class
91. Been in a movie
92. Crashed a party
93. Loved someone you shouldn’t have
94. Kissed someone so passionately it made them dizzy
107. Got so drunk you don’t remember anything
109. Performed on stage
113. Had a one-night stand
145. Broken someone’s heart
147. Been fired or laid off from a job
149. Broken a bone
157. Ridden a horse
163. Slept for more than 30 hours over the course of 48 hours
170. Eaten sushi
171. Had your picture in the newspaper
180. Read The Iliad
196. Dyed your hair