Wednesday, July 31, 2002

You wouldn't think it possible with the weather from the past few days, but I've been persuaded to so Californian and buy a pair of Rollerblades. After a very strange Friday where there was lots of drinking, a bit of drunkeness, but no sillyness or blackouts I crawled out of bed and made it to the rollerblade shop on Mill Rd. I got a lovely pair of what look like clumpy Cylon boots with detatchable wheels on the bottom and then met some people to go falling on the ground at the Beehive Centre. Since it was all too much like exercise there had to be a lot of drinking afterwards. Again, frighteningly enough, it was all very sensible. I suppose it'll give my bruises a chance to heal.

Thursday, July 25, 2002

How nice are the people at Forbidden Planet here in Cambridge? I went in a couple of weeks ago looking for Amazing Spiderman #42 a couple of weeks after it had come out and not surprisingly they had sold all their copies. Once I asked the lovely manager if they had any, he offered to call around all the FP outlets in the UK to see if anyone had a spare copy. Eventually they had one on Coventry because aparantly no-one buys comics there, so I wandered into town yesterday on the free bus that work provides once a fortnight and picked it up. They still only charged the cover price despite the fact that it probably cost them that much to get it sent down and to phone around. Fantastic!

Tuesday, July 23, 2002

Remember kids; getting completely smashed at a work do is not a good idea. Neither is falling asleep at Toxic8, a kicking out offence aparantly. Not as offensive as their music if you ask me.

Wednesday, July 10, 2002

Well it's been a long time again since the last update, but since only a handful of people actually read this, never mind comment, I've started the wonder what the whole bloody point is.

Anyway, last night I managed to head off see The Flaming Lips in the Junction. Not having heard the band before I was ready for anything, but I've had good luck and not a little help in getting to see good bands since I've been here so why not.

All I can say is, "Bloody hell! Was that just the most orgasmic musical experience I've ever had or what!" The Lips had us eating out of the palms of their hands. Consummate showmen without a hint of arrogance or bravado, they played over an hour of the best rawk music I've heard. Of course they're well known for She Don't Use Jelly a song I was delighted to recognise, their new album is absolutely fantastic. I'd recommend you all run, don't walk to the web site for a listen and then go out and buy the bloody thing.

As if that wasn't a perfect night, the support bands were excellent too. The young Silverfish with an interesting Travis-like sound and Bob Mould who is indescribable. Picture it: a bald thirtyish man plaing heavy indie rock accompanied by a drum machine and various electronic sounds. No it's not Beck, it's much less depressing than that.

So there you go. Two nice records to go find and bob to. What with Mercury Rev next Tuesday I'm in little rocker heaven. Ahhhhh.