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About Me

So you want to know who'd put a page like this on the Internet? Let's see.

I'm a graduate of the Dublin Institute of Technology studying Computer Science and Software Engineering. It's a tough course but probably one of the best in Ireland. I've worked in several places including Leo Laboratories, IONA Technologies, and Accuris. Now I work for Accelrys as a release engineer in the Material Science R&D Team.

I've lived in a part of inner-city Dublin called the Liberties for most of my life and while I loved living in such a historical area I felt it was time to move on. In April 1999, I moved out to East Wall an area beside the Dublin Port. Like most inner-city areas it has an undeserved reputation and it a pretty nice place to live in. After moving back home for a little while because of Dublin's insane housing problem I've relocated to Cambridge in the UK to ebcome part of the diaspora.

I love all types of SF and Fantasy especially Babylon 5 and its follow up Crusade and one of my favourite authors is Harlan Ellison but I'll usually read almost anything except Mills and Boons.

That's enough ego stroking for one day. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the rest of the site.

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